For My Romeo

August 4, 2008
By JenniferWC SILVER, Richland, Washington
JenniferWC SILVER, Richland, Washington
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My lonesome heart hungers for thy love,
this insensible candle for thy flame.
Your warmth lasts but an instant in mine arms before flickering away,
but ‘tis warmer than a thousand suns upon my neck.
I am but a fool for loving thee-
oh, thee of tender affection!
Thy passion overflows the seven seas, and thy faithfulness
stretches across the lands of the earth!
Stars in the night sky are shamed by the brightness of
your face, ‘tis carved like that of the Lord’s dearest angels.
O dear Romeo, dost thou love as roots of an elm,
forever growing deeper into ground?
Or as her e’er-changing leaves: olive to scarlet to none at all?
I shall wilt down to dry bones if you ever cease loving me;
this flower has grown too beauteously with thee.
O Romeo, Romeo! My dearest love, Romeo!
Prove thine love and forever I shall be true!
Forever we shall live among clouds of sacred heaven.

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