My Ink stained Existance

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I'm sinking faster,
surrendering to the dusty reels of film,
glowing screens,
and wrinkled pages.
I become like them,
old, unreal, completely maleable to anyones whims,
reality is only as clear as what someone had written,
long ago with either love or fear in their heart.
After hours of watching and living,
Which reality is real?
there is no way to break the spell,
every chance I get, I re-live the many lives,
I've come to cherish.
I'm a child, a lover, a parent, and a monster,
all at once can i live the life I've wanted,
torn pages out of a book and scattered films,
I lay in them now,
basking in their musty fragrance,
the death of my lives brings fourth a new one,
the reality I never wanted,
my cherished friends cry black tears,
watching me from all around,
watching the end to my ink stained existance.

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butterfly said...
Aug. 16, 2008 at 2:27 am
that was deep I love it
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