My Trip to Winter Mountain

August 4, 2008
Indie blue china
Oiled teacup glasses

Unshatterable precisions reflected
Natural blue bleeding artist's frivolity

Romantic glacial chills nip
Frigid fragrance of frozen bluebells

Mountains take a frost-bitten hue
Polar telescope thoughts surround

Gelid ghosts peace twilight
Lightly hanging everblooming ice

Tangible light blinking
Behind snow-dusted breath diamonds

Icy tendrils crack noiselessly
To cold-blooded lullabies

Brilliant drama frozen in time
Tripping unthinkably on beauty in a deadly atmosphere

Frosted into an isolated environment
Detailed with crystalline eyes

Disappearing warmth dwindling into blue oblivion
Carried by sharp clear-cut nightingales

Listening air gracing glancing porcelain
Examining every indent stiff

Water constellations stuttered transparently
Frozen moons rose within non-moving time

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