Mushy Romance Books

August 4, 2008
I love living without worry, spinning
in circles until life becomes alittle burry

I love watching stars twinkle in the sky,
and movies that make me want to cry

I love simple songs with pretty words,
toilet papering houses in the 'burbs

I love your goofy smile, and the fact
that you have no sense of style

I love stupid silly poetry, like the
ones you "secretly" to write to me

I love laughing at you until my stomach
hurts, and your ridiculous star wars t-shirts

I love reading mushy romance books, and
kissing you when no one looks

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Anticonformist said...
Aug. 20, 2008 at 3:23 pm
I like the rhythm you use, and the flow of this is very nice! And it's also very honest- a wonderful quality.
Good job!
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