Who Am I

August 4, 2008
By Anita Baker, Taylor, MI

Who am I you ask
A person who can finish a simple task
Who doesn’t hide behind a mask
Who never puts her family last
But of course someone looking to succeed
Who doesn’t have low self-esteem
But enough confidence for the best
Constantly put to the test
I’m a writer
I’m a lover not a fighter
I’m the author of my life
I’m a businesswoman
Hoping to make my life grand
To own my own land
And take care of myself
And make my dreams come true
And do what I have to do
I’m B-ball player
Power forward my position
I’m no stranger to a kitchen
I don’t need attention
I’m outgoing
I’m not worried bout what you doing
I got crazy skills
Someday I’ll be making mills
But that’s me
And that’s the way it should be
Cause I’m Anita Baker
Not a Faker

The author's comments:
Nothing to say I'm Anita Baker

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