First Heartbreak

August 4, 2008
By Anita Baker, Taylor, MI

You were my crush
Before my first love
It was always such a rush
I felt the thing called love filling up my heart
Every time you looked my way
Made me want to see you everyday
It just seemed right
I put up a fight
A fight I lost
And now you’re gone
It feels like you didn’t care
You’d stare
But you didn’t care
You called me your honey bear
But you didn’t care
I couldn’t make you care
So we had to let all our fun full of love happy memories go
You said I love you
But was I really your boo
Or was I just a fool
But I loved you
And now I have to move on
I keep telling my self
But can I
I feel as though I can’t love again
Just look at what you’ve done
It feels as though I have to run
It feels like a band without a drummer
Sticks without trees
Bee hives without bees
You said you loved the beat
The beat of my heart the way it corresponded with yours
You said it made music yours and mine
But clearly you were lying
But as much as it seems like I hate you
I never said it
I never thought it
I didn’t even feel it
Because I can’t hate someone who’s apart of my heart
When you left you didn’t take that piece
So I can’t hate you because a piece of me can’t stop loving you

The author's comments:
Hey you know this peice is called first heartbreak because you know i was in love and he broke my heart i just was in so much pain...........

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