Rainbows and Daisies

August 3, 2008
By Megan McMonigle, Corydon, IN

It's hilarious, you know
All the poems you read
About suicide and sad things
Like death, breaking up, and making up

No one ever writes about the happy things
Like rainbows, unicorns, and daisies
The happy things... like smiles
And the best days of our lives

We should be celebrating
Not writing sad songs
Locked up in our rooms
Life should be fun, not dark and depressing

This is about the happy things
About living to the fullest
And having a blast while we're at it
It's about us kids just doing what kids do

This is the anthem for the summer
To call your friends
Tell them to watch the clouds go by
And then go join them

This is about doing things you would never do
About exploring worlds unknown
Making peace with your long-time rival
And making new friends

This is the song about our favorite people
The free-hug-givers with their hand-made signs
Who brave wind, rain, and cold
To warm hundreds of people's hearts

Shove the great big meter of life up
Push it towards happy
And draw a permanent smile upon your face
Then help everyone else do the same

This is the poem
Of you and me
Spreading the rainbows and daisies
For all humanity to share

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