August 3, 2008
By Megan Rackerby, Visalia, CA

As I lay here on the sidewalk outside of this old house
The place I’ve spent most of my life,
Where memories all rush out
They crash over me
Like the waves of the ocean, vast as it may seem

I’m staring up at the blue sky through the silhouette of these old maple trees
Their arms reach down and wrap around my dreams
They smile upon my broken soul, sad as it may seem.

The sun kisses my sin stained skin
The world embraces me for who I am even when I’m unsure of whom that may be.

When I feel like a liar, I’m fraud and I’m a fake.
These markings on my face tell the lies that I have made
And I walk along in shame for the secrets I still hold
Do you know how it feels to grow old within your soul?
Experience ages me beyond what I appear.
Like the lone cypress wise beyond its years
Forced into exile, silence greets my tears

But As I lay here on the sidewalk outside of this old house
The memories fade out
My fear will lose its grip,
My heart will leave my throat and slow its beat
The winds will whisper softly
Words of comfort kiss my cheek
I’m staring at the blue sky, this nothingness brings peace
Letting go of what’s inside is never that easy
But with days like this I know he’s watching over me.
I feel him all around in the air that I breathe
And the beauty that is and is to be
He tells me it’s ok, just another day,
So breathe in the air, stand up , and go forward.

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