Let Go

August 3, 2008
By Brittany Richey, Mount Holly, NC

I hate that look in your eyes, its so fake.

That's the one right there, don't look at me that way

ow Your hurting me, let me go

I didn't mean to say that to you

you don't understand what you put me through

don't give me those puppy dog eyes

they're not gonna work anymore

you say your sorry

as a murderer pleading for his life

what do you want me to believe

you lied to me and broke my heart

you stabbed me in the back

I held back so many tears

that if I let them out i'd drown

like the Titanic sank in the sea

say goodbye and walk away

forget we ever happened

let my memory be nothing more to you

than the whisper of the wind

don't look at me that way

I hate that look on your face

because it is so fake

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