A girl in need of a father

August 3, 2008
By Carmen Camacho, Brooklyn, NY

Tears running and sinking
A cry for help
A hero in need
Someone to help us face our fears
Intsead you just ran off and disappeared
Feeling like you didnt care
Someone to go fishing with
Someone to teach us how to spit
How to run
How to jump
To teach you to fight back
Telling them to fall back
Someone to cry on
Someone to talk to
To know that they there waiting with their hands wide open
When the day light sun awakes
You know you have someone to appreciate
Waiting for that special someone
Waiting for that knock on the door
If not you'll be waiting for him to call
Want your pops to pick you up when you fall
Dont get near that door , for someone can take you away
Then youll miss your only friend aka your Father
Who know's if ill ever meet him or make sure he'll come again
I'm waiting for that day to come
I know im not the only one
In need of a father other then a mother
To teach us someone different something new
Im really dying to get to know you
Know that i really want to be with you
Today,Tomorrow and the next
I'll be perpared for that father and daughter event
My heart has space for it will be filled
When my dad and I are next to the grill
In the summer time
With a big pool outside
Ice cold lemonade
Next thing you know we be playing spades
Who is this man?
When is he coming?
A girl in need of a father

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