Ectoblastic Silhouettes

August 3, 2008
Apathetic architects.
Catatonic butterfly.
Ectoblastic silhouettes.
Catastrophic syllabi.

Acrobatic antelope.
Charismatic photograph.
Democratic envelope.
Hippocratic epitaph.

Situated wilderness.
Unambitious dial-tone.
Elevated consciousness.
Malnutritious gramophone.

Numerated stimuli.
Surreptitious palindrome.
Inebriated passerby.
Superstitious metronome.

Advantageous amnesty.
Energetic pillowcase.
Uncourageous travesty.
Paramedic steeplechase.

Non-conformal radio.
Alphabetic nonchalance.
Paranormal afterglow.
Psychedelic ambiance.

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