The Burden

August 3, 2008
By Kris Punshon, Tallahassee, FL

all control was lost,
my eyes flooded the tears for you.
and my strength was tossed,
and there was nothing else I could do
thoughts raced around in my mind
well then I figured it out.
all I needed was 3 little words,
but with that comes great doubt.

time has taken a toll on me,
and yet my yearning for you remains.
people have tried to grasp my hand,
but I cant help but to refrain.
for my love for you is a Burden,
a habit I cant seem to break.
for this has become something more than a shadow,
its become a part of me I cant seem to shake.

i wake in the morning to find,
this cruel reality wasn’t a nightmare.
your voice echoed in my mind,
as if you had been right there.
the sun rises with its warm rays,
they dance upon the stains of my tears.
the stars have gone to sleep for the day,
yet again they cant seem to take my fear.

the fear that you don’t care,
and I didn’t mean a thing to you.
my heart began to go tear,
im praying I can just pull through.
to me it feels ive been tossed aside,
like im not worth your heart.
somethin inside me appeared to have died,
i think its time for it to depart.

the day has come to a close,
its time to be done.
my heart no longer glows,
but what we had can never be undone.
the gnawing in my soul is gone,
im free at last.
the love I had for you must have withdrawn,
for now this Burden is in my past.

The author's comments:
I personally don't think I'm the best writer, and I haven't been able to anything like this since last summer when I truly felt what I wrote about. It seems that I only write when my emotions are powerful enough to create something I love.
I read this poem everytime I feel down about myself. I'm not quite sure why, but just the thought that I wrote this and that I love it makes me feel amazing.
It's simply put, I wrote this the first time my heart was completely torn in two. I didn't know what else to do, so I wrote this at like 3 AM one night July of 2007.
I hope anyone that reads it can figure out they can always pull through a broken heart. I did and this poem is my story put into a few verses. It may not be written in the best way but I tried.

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