Smiles in my heart

August 2, 2008
By Alexandra Yeboah, Brampton, ZZ

Hair that gleams like golden light,
Skin the colour of alabaster.
Eyes that dance and twinkle bright,
Your lips, a curtain that draws back to crack a smile.

Life is a sweet melody running through your veins,
Your spirit, sparkles with zeal and fervor,
Your voice, soft and gentle like spitting rain
contrasted to the heavy resounding tone in your footsteps,

Admiration soars through me,
like the residential butterflies in my stomach,
I long to talk to you, with renowned confidence,
tell you what it is I see.

But for the moment, I just sit here,
watching from a table afar,
playing with my lazy fingers,
smiles pocketed in the corner of my heart.

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