AGATHANGELOS my good angel

October 21, 2012
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My Agathangelos, fall asleep and close your eyes.
Sleep on a cloud up high away from whirl winds and thorns in your mind.
Keep safe, know that you’l l be fine
Loving and missing you is all I can do my Agathangelos..
‘Away from pain you may be, but still I’m left wondering
Your mind you cannot leave, or can you? but your soul is set free
Leaving your shell behind, burning away your eyes and skin
I don’t know the truth, I’m only assuming ’
You left this world, perhaps you’ve forgotten where you’ve been
But my agathangelos look down now, perhaps up, see me through the ground
Here I lay apon this ground, looking up but I don’t see
Searching hard, where could you be?
My worst fear.. underneath? Cant save you if so, theirs no police
Falling now are gold and yellow leaves, the source a naked tree
Nude yet still pretty
Wonder if your looking?
Can your soul see? Feel? Are you actually gone? Tell me if your real.. still..
My agathangelos
Is your soul filled with bliss?
Or are you burning from sins un confessed?
Were you saved from hell?
I cant save you now
I cant hear your screams so you must be happy
But those in hell, I’m not hearing
So my agathangelos how are you feeling?
Does darkness consume you?
Or is there only light?
Do you stand near god?
Grounds good or bad?
Is he judging now
I guess ill never know
Were you good my Agathangelos or have you fallen into the unknown?

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