Summer Night

October 21, 2012
By navita528 BRONZE, Springfield Gardens, New York
navita528 BRONZE, Springfield Gardens, New York
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The night came upon us in a blink of an eye
It was dark, but no stars in the sky
One by one we let the water come down on us
Not one soul was lifeless
Hair was done, makeup was applied
So many different outfits were denied
Until the perfect one was found
Step by step the stilettos all hit the ground

We were all ready to bring the night alive
Booms and bangs, you know we had arrive
All the paths were narrow
But we still made it to the bistro
A cup in a hand, an evil smile on a face as the delightful taste was sipped
The people and the music were all very equipped
The music pounded in our ears, so we went between the crowds
Hands moved, legs danced, hips swayed and we all unplowed

Thuds and thuds as the feet’s made it the bistro over and over
Pushing it harder and harder back on our partner
All the innocent faces, mind and body were gone
We couldn’t even be broken by the sight of dawn
Half asleep, half lost it was time to go
Thinking back maybe his name was Tom or maybe Joe
Care free laughter’s who knew, who care
Phone’s rang, messages received with news of our next flare

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