The Perfect Place

August 2, 2008
By Charles Skibinski, Indialantic, FL

Where dreams become all to real
And life sensory looses its feel
Where flowers will sing when you trot on by
And the sun always shines high in the sky
The trees stand tall like guardians of the woods
Standing stern and strong draped in green hoods
The creatures will greet you with high pitched greetings
And invite you to one of their woodland meetings
You will never feel alone nor scared in this place
For everyone here is a familiar face
There is no need for sleep but you can if you desired
The only policy is that love is required
There is no gossip or fighting or war
But there is plenty of time to relax by the shore
In fact many call this the perfect land
But only when it is in their hand
For others will look in envy and hate
And wonder why they themselves cannot create
But I will tell you the key to unlock its door
Simply believe there isn’t anything more
But how to believe well that’s up to you
See you cannot spell believe without the word lie too.

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