October 20, 2012
By FireTiger21 BRONZE, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
FireTiger21 BRONZE, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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"The secret of life is to get very, very good at something that's very very hard to do." Roald Dahl, The Hitchhiker

Never holding onto them,
So it sometimes seems,
But never giving up,
Finding those you need,
Safe with them,
Your secrets, your past,
The blood painted red,
On your hands,
Holding back, afraid of hurting,
Those on the outside,
Fear of betrayal,
Hate and anger,
But never afraid to lie,
To all around you,
To stop the hurt,
That is felt inside,
Then they appear,
Helping, Holding,
Giving to those in need,
Knowing what it is you fear,
And still holding you in high esteem,
Not backing down when you’re most in need,
They know your inner self,
The one afraid to show,
And bringing it into the light,
Nourish it and grow,
And held deep in your heart,
The knowledge is kept,
That they and you will always be,
Connected, understood, and accepted,
For all you hope to be.

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