The hour glass

August 2, 2008
By Cindy Martinez, Dunkirk, NY

I find myself at a place
That is not at all true
I say I find myself but
who is myself
I know my name I know my age
I know my likes my dislikes and
my physical features but who am I really
I am at a standstill
I have just opened the door to my adulthood
Do I go forward and
walk through it to enter the beginning of my adult life?
Should I shut the door and run back to my childhood
The only direction to go is forward
I am at that tender age
I am no longer a child but an adult about to embark on the journey
of life
People look at you and say "I remember when I was her age
that was a tough age" but is not every age a tough age?
Doesn't every age has is its faults?
Its ups its downs?
We go through every age once so isn't everyday a new experience?
We are going through life
I am going through life just as I'm writing this poem
Everyday is a truly once in a lifetime experience
because that is the very idea
We have but one lifetime
At the end of this day I will never again live today
Today is only for a brief time for tomorrow I will live tomorrow
the after will be the day after
I will not relive the events of today for time keeps moving
Our time is but brief
Like the sands of time passing through an hour glass
The sand does eventually reach its end until someone turns it over
We are like that hour glass
Every grain of sand is a day of life passing until the last grain falls
with the falling of the last grain ends life until someone turns the hour glass
then the cycle begins again
A new life another hour glass another grain of sand
Why do these words matter?
They are written down but do they have any real meaning
To me these words are my world
What are they to you?

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