You're a fine color

August 2, 2008
Reflections of neon streaks on a concrete backdrop
Glide across your eyes,
All fogged up by your breath, smoky from the cold.

Wind chills the bones, but
You have your Styrofoam cup and I have my bottle
To keep us warm

Boy, you look foolish.
Take my bottle and pour it through cracks and crevices
Liquid leaks to stone.

The heat from my belly and your coffee and the gentle pulsation
Of those neon streaks
Lull my tired eyes to close

Eyes shut, head on your shoulder
Ears hear bustle and nostrils engulfed
By the scent of first light

The sun climbs from across the earth
Framed by mountains of glass and iron
Light refracted from all angles

The golden glow of warmth and light
Blossoms amongst a land of frosty metals
Flitting around corners and through skylights

Sunbeams on the breeze stroke my damp hair
Leaving me grasping
At those smoke thin wisps of life

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