An Eternal Sunrise

August 2, 2008
By krystan saviola, Niagara Falls, ZZ

An Eternal Sunrise

The night it stirs
On slanted hills
On peaceful pallets of calm
The wind it strokes
The heavenly path
On the eve of death
The road uneven
Covered in stone
I do stumble along
Upon the dirt
Where you rest
The memories to come back
I leave a trail
The blood of life
To live to breath to die
I wish to say
I wish to think
But my words carried away
The thought has gone
The words have left
The day is upon the rank
The night it leaves
The pain it fills
I am but a vision
I lay my head
To settle in
From a sleepless night
I do drift
I do yearn
In which to exist
The sun must come
To shine on me
But I am not there
I am gone
in a dream
in an eternal sunrise

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