The Battle of the Sky

August 2, 2008
First the North Strikes,/
Then the South./
Next join the East and West,/
The battle of the lightning storm is ready to begin./
With each first shot of zig-zag light,/
This is the battle that will light up the night./
It looks as though the sky is split,/
As each natural light forms in the sky./
Each and every one perfect and unique./
All together now, the four sides strike,/
Each with a light so powerful and bright./
The universe appears to open and let all light shine through./
The four sides battle it out,/
And the tiny droplets begin to fall./
You know that it's over once and for all./
For this is the victory sign for the lights of the night./
Now as it begins to pour, and all hides away./
This battle has now ended on the night of all days.

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khalaly said...
Aug. 30, 2008 at 2:30 pm
That was so good. But It doesn't look like you just have the talent for poetry, but writing to. Your poem, reflected all your talents. You are a good observer, and you know how to express things in such a vivid an attentive way. Please I beg you, start sending your work to good contests, and agencies. You need to get your name out there, because you rock.
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