All We Have

October 24, 2012
By LoveEternally SILVER, Castle Rock, Colorado
LoveEternally SILVER, Castle Rock, Colorado
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All we have is hate
We refuse to believe that
Love is stronger
It has no effect on us
The pain, loss, and agony
Will triumph
Love, warmth, and tenderness
Are not practical
Lies and despair
Will be here to the end, always by our side
Our friends and family
They lie to us

Hate and fear are our friends
We fight and we refuse to believe that
Hate will die in ashes
I know one thing is true,
Become fighters and haters
We will not
Be capable of love and compassion
We will
Accept death, destruction, and ashes as all that’s left
Do not
Believe that love will suffice
We will accept and encourage
We will vow not to
Live life to its fullest

This will become true in time unless we make the change, and reverse it.

The author's comments:
This poem is called a Reverse poem. This is because after your read it through, you read it backwards. Read it, and you'll see. :D

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