The Beginning Of Fall

October 24, 2012
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The beginning of fall has arrived
Though the leaves have not changed orange, yellow, or red
So, we stay inside and waste our lives in bed.
The trees have withered away for they have become just as the leaves...dead
Is this the beginning of fall?

The sun has yet to come out to shine any light on earth
It’s dark and gloomy outside for we humans have killed nature
because we have yet to view what fall could be like
Is this the beginning of fall?

This world has become filled with lazy human beings
We have become those people who view earth through the window
Though there is nothing left to see
for the earth has withered away just as the leaves and the trees
Is this the beginning of fall?

No, this has not become the beginning of fall
it has become a topiary of the irrelevant world we live in now
The earth has died for we now live in a dark, dreadful place

This is not the season of fall, for this is the black hole that we humans have created
We are to blame ourselves for this dis manner.
Nowhere to go for we will not, nor see the beginning of fall

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