The Heavens

October 23, 2012
New and innocent, as if fluttering to the ground
Softly, gently, delicately.
Not an ounce of pains shows, sorrow nonexistent
Safe and pure, they call it, obliviously.

It came from above, the heavens they call it
Proudly, Joyfully, Boasting.
Dreams, choices and goals already being sewn
Into its life before even beginning.

Once it hits the ground, it becomes tarnished
Dirty, stained and impure.
Streaks of brown and specks of dirt;
Too far gone, too ill to be cured.

They scream in disgust, and scowl in disapproval
Hatefully, Biastly, and Inhumanly.
No longer like them, too different to accept.
They disgrace and shun blatantly.

Tires of the pedestal, it wandered off,
Eccentric, peculiar and free
It learned to live, to fly and dance
While others just live and die, empty.

The white soon bleeds color, no longer blank
Wild, Exquisite and Bright.
Dripping to the ground, and spreading swiftly;
Reshaping the ill and afflicted, but not quite.

Cries of pain scream out horrifyingly
Loud, excruciating and shocking.
Jealousy from others takes over their senses;
Jealous of it dancing, Jealous of it flying.

These devils have destroyed its art,
Blind, Berserk and Ignorant.
While their hands red with unjust blood,
Continue to wreak havoc and torment.

Soon this hatred, this prejudice, seeps into others
Contagious, Unstoppable, and Obstinate.
Blindly killing, unknowingly following
Those who play with one’s fate.

With one swift movement, silence;
Eerily quiet, and still.
No more pain, its heart stops.
Strength has vanished along with its will.

The innocent being goes to sleep forever
Softly, gently, innocently delicate.
It never changed, and never strayed
Went up above to the heavens, as they call it.

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