Unforgiving Sea

August 1, 2008
By Tejas Ranade, Redmond, WA

With the Sea and sand alone
The Ocean chills my soul and bone
It splashes forth, it splashes hither,
Tormented by tumultuous weather

I stare, unmoving, in its depth
And forming a gaping rift.
It travels through my spine, and I feel
My conscience tilt forward and keel.

The Ocean represents but nil,
Humanity traveling an upward hill
Our futile search of divine truth
And slaking man’s thirst to its root

But what is it except deception?
Of our knowledge, only inception.
The Sea is an illusion, swift and fair
But at its end only despair.

Unlike the stars dotting heaven
The waves deliver their hellish sermon.
Unlike the sky, mysterious wonder
It rips in our imagination asunder.

Beware and do not stare too long
Stay away from its luring song,
For it is a bottomless abyss;
A dark crevice, and the unknown’s kiss.

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