Divine Claimant

August 1, 2008
By Tejas Ranade, Redmond, WA

The solemn moon mists the midnight air
In its uniquely grey glow and evanescence
And my awe reaches temptingly beyond the clouds,
Toward its air and unending omnipotence.

It drives forth the turbulent waves of the sea
That crash against its well-lit, stony rocks.
Their resilience its mystic yellow smile does lure
And their forlorn attachment to the ground it mocks.

The light travels through the tender green fields
It illuminates them in corn and billowing grass.
The stalks are silent, tranquil, utterly peaceful
And no birds or skittering rodents dare come to pass.

I walk amid the eternal, quiet oaks that stand
And feel he cold night air across my open face.
Life, in nighttime, for once slows its rushing speed,
The natural energy of the woodland radiates my face.

O moon, divine claimant of the heavenly blue skies
Continue your royal, ever-present reign on the dark,
Comfort and console us in times of great, unwanted need
Provide your guidance until the sun’s first morning spark.

I offer you but my sacred and truthful prayer of hope
That you shall persist on your slanted appearance
To preside over nature’s noble court of the night
And magnify our understanding, our emotional sense.

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