I Won

October 23, 2012
Thinking how my life’s a mess
It’s all my fault, I must confess

I was the one that took the lives
The perpetrator who stole the smiles

Flashbacks suddenly flood my brain
I brace myself for the pain

Licking the blood from my shiny blade
The grin on my face started to fade

Sounds of dead feet dragging the floor
And a slight thump when they catch on the door

Shaking hands hold the match
Against the box, trying to catch

Flames flickered against the walls
The pile of bodies growing small

Reduced simply to ashes
No more deep gashes

I kick the embers, turn to leave
Thinking of lies that I would weave

In court I sat, with head held high
The judge shook his head, sent me away with a sigh

The cries of the families struck me deep
Although not one of them made me weep

Cracked concrete walls surround me now
I sit up fast and wonder how

I could have ever ended up here
I shudder when a twinge of guilt draws near

My bright orange clothes stand out at night
If I could escape, I’d still be in sight

White chalk marks pollute the concrete
Another dead body lay at my feet

‘Twas my cellmate, nothing more
I smile at the sight of gore

Alarms ring out, my time has come
In the end, I most certainly won

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