Spider and Snail

August 4, 2008
By Emma Neshek, Hartland, WI

There once was a spider despairing,
That he could not find a pairing,
Now, to this arthropoda
The love that it knew was nada.

As he was sitting on his web and fed,
A snail crawled by and said
"Why so sad?
Shurly having jointed appendages can't be that bad."

The spider looked at the mollusca, and told his end
"No by bilateral symmetrical friend, I was only despairing,
over my lack of a pairing.

"It is Valentiens Day, and there is no one to receive my affection,
So I was wondering if I have a defection."

The snail looked at the arthropoda,
And the defection that is saw was nada.
"I see no defection" the snail stated,
"Your exoskeleton and segmentation should be something celebrated!"

The arthropoda felt a tear in its eye,
"The love that your dorsal hearts has given me makes me want to cry."
Together, the spider and the sanil
Found a love that would never fail.

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