Holding On

August 4, 2008
By Shaylan Nuse, Rowlesburg, WV

I am trying to hold onto this thin and fragile thread
but the longer I try to hold on the more i begin to dread
I dread this life that i am living and all its ups and downs
Whats the point to hang on when life is nothing but smiles and frowns

This life that I am so longing to hold on to Is getting short as I slip
Slip from the pain of holding on all the joy and happiness is beging to flip
Flip into hate and missery instead I'm tired of being back stabbed and confussed
Confussed by the ones who say I love you, but instead I am just being used

As my fingers on this thread being to slip I realize just let go
Let go of all the lies, just cancel this long and conceded show
So i finally make the decision and let go of this painfull hold
As i am falling I feel nothing, nothing but fear and cold
But I have finally found happiness out of this long and painfull HOLD!

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