Finally I understand

August 4, 2008
By Shaylan Nuse, Rowlesburg, WV

The man that i once hated
The man i once misunderstood
He is finally starting to be a father
He is finally starting to act like he should
I once thought that he was aroggant
vidictive, and confussed
I used to think that the way he looked at me
was worse than abuse
I always thought that it was me
that caused his angry rampages
Until the day that he sat me down and said
I am sorry for the pain that i have caused through the ages
It was me that was in the wrong
I was the one that was week
I was the one that wasnt strong
I wanted to let you know
I am here for you now
I dont know why i waited so long
I hope that you could forgive me somehow
I want you to know I love you
And I am going to try to change
But I need you help and courage
As I lock my hate and anger in a cage

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