Friendship Never Dies

October 22, 2012
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Friendship Never Dies
By: Alexia Frazier

You think you know someone
A once best friend
You liar, you cheat
You’re nothing to me!
You where my best friend
Always and forever
I’m sorry, I messed up
Forgive me?
No never again will I trust you
You knew how I felt
Get out of my life you dirty girl
Go cry to your “man.”
For all you know that never happened
I’m sorry it was a mistake
Please see I’m telling the truth
You two where meant to be.
I’m done listening to you
Just go and die
You’re a backstabber
I don’t even think I would cry.
“Tell her I’m sorry with all my heart
I never wanted to hurt her
She said she wouldn’t cry if I died
So know I’m leaving the earth.”
“You’re my best friend
I love you in every way
Never again will a boy come between us
We are both in heaven to stay.”

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