Where Did All of the Abstinence Go?

July 17, 2008
By Cassie Kelsey, Louisville, KY

Learn the lesson,
See the truth,
Budding up inside of you,
To every man you give away,
A piece of your childhood days,
Growing bigger until you see,
The bump that comes and never leaves,
Doctors tell you what to say,
You try to wait another day,
You tell them soft hoping they won’t hear,
But instead they hold it dear,
They yell they cry send you away,
Forget the problem one more day,
The father runs doesn’t dare stay,
Remember when the puppets were the ones with kids,
And not the puppeteer,
A crib lying around just waiting here,
One day it’s occupied,
Everything is different now,
And you’re left waiting around,
Later on you learn the facts,
The babies grown,
You’re just another statistic,

The author's comments:
I was inspired by this after researching on the computer about teen pregnancy. I was inspired especially when I saw that over 750,000 teen pregnancies occur each year.

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