October 17, 2012
By ChristalClear BRONZE, Midrand, Other
ChristalClear BRONZE, Midrand, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be"

No one told me how difficult this was going to be
To look in the faces of so many people and know what it would do
If only they could see
But I know how it would be if they knew

Can you really be responsible for someone’s soul?
Does your happiness not count?
Without you life would just be cold
When I know you would no longer be around

every step I take is meant to feel like I’m moving forward
yet I find myself rewinding
going back towards it
and if forward I would go; it would be grinding

to look at someone and only see what you saw
not looking past it
not seeing so much more
the pieces don’t seem to fit

what you want me to be and who you are
are two very different things
and like me and you drift further apart
neither of us wanting to cling

I see further than what you do in a person
I see a light
I see a purpose
and I see them working towards it

never did I question myself of how I see
that itself is inexplicable
that is just me

if you saw a person as just flesh, blood and bone
not seeing their sparkle
because you don’t see them as one of your own
seeing them as nothing but inconsequential

I think with all that’s within me
to try and figure out how this is so
but my vision is so blurry
and I have nowhere to go

surrounded by my thoughts
with every move I make
I always seem to get caught
with my thoughts; every step I take

they consume me everyday
they are part of me
they are here to stay
never to set me free

free; I am not a prisoner
but, freedom I lack
if freedom should occur
upon humanity I would turn my back

you are more than a thought to me
more than a promise
I am one of the little who can “see”
one of the many things that restores my gladness

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