October 8, 2012
I hate who I am.
I hate how I am
I want to go back in time, prevent what I have become.
Maybe then I won't have to ask "What have I done?"
If i could separate in two
I'd take one look at myself and say "Screw you."
I'd walk away leaving behind all that had me made.
Start a new life better than the first, one I could remake.
Thing is, it's like a thirst,
An addiction at most.
I want to change, but at the same time I want to stay the same.
Guess I just got to deal with everything.
My memories that cause me pain
The hatred I hold.
Perhaps one day what I am might turn into a good thing.
I'll just have to wait, but if staying like this is all I have to look forward to.
Well I guess that's just my fate.

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