The Sun is a Star

October 9, 2012
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Some blistering days, the Sun tries to reach for our Earth and pull it into a warm embrace, but the Sun doesn't know that it is a star, blazing with fire, and that it can never hold our cool, litte Earth. Those days when it swells with heat, the Sun is feeling lonely. It misses its Earth, so it tries to kiss and nuzzle us; a mother to her chld. But the Sun doesn't realize that it is a star, thrashing and burning, and that it can never kiss us. The Sun yearns to cradle us, because we look so small and cold. The proud Sun, smiling and Bursting in all directions, looks upon the shivering Earth with sorrow and pity. But the Sun doesn't see that it is a star, brilliant and terrible, and that it can never cuddle us. Yet, it can gaze upon us, that smiling eye in the day sky, and grace us with its kindness. The Sun doesn't understand that it is a star, massive and loving, and that it will always warm us.

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