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The Land Far Away

October 8, 2012
By rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
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Swimming through the day
Sinking through the night
Drowning in your dreams
'Till you see the sunlight

This pain never ends
It stalks you at parties
Wearing a different mask
When you think you've caught it

Spins you on this ride
The one that never ends
Never goes up, never goes down
Never shows you life again

But when the air is right
And the sky's that bright blue
And everything seems to smile
A feeling comes on cue

Where the ground feels soft
Like you're coming off of it
And your eyes glow warmly
Like a spark has been lit

Your heart's like a balloon
And you just can't seem to care
Because now you're laughing
As the stars pull at your hair

Pulling you up, up, away
To some far-off place
Of colors and sweet fantasy
That kiss your happy face

This land is so promising
With each vision so real
Hope created these dreams
So it's all in how you feel

If you hold onto this
And the rush that finally comes in
Make sure to keep it close
When lows pull you down again

And if you learn to use it
As your guide amongst the days
I promise, the scene will change
Into the land so far-away

The author's comments:
fantasy, dream, happy, up, positive

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