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Winter Nights

October 8, 2012
By rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
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In these winter nights
When the white lights sparkle all over
Lacing trees and porches
Like little stars that shine for us

I sip hot cocoa or tea
With my cold feet tucked under blankets
Cream walls soothe my mind
While the fire dances in my eyes

You stay in thick sweaters
While sorting letters from loved ones
Laughing at all the gifts
Red, green, arranged just right to fit

The snow falls softly
Sprinkling on top of me like sugar
So I grab your blue hands
And run in this winter wonderland

We slide through slush
Yet we rush past dizzy colors
Cold air stings our lungs
Like peppermint that melts on our tongues

The stores stay lit up
And kindly erupt with treats of bliss
So we point and smile
At the delicacies stacked in piles

So an idea ignites
Like the sight of a firework
And rains on our hearts
As we follow its trail through the dark

We burst in the door
Shouting "more!" as you fill your arms
Then find the motels
To leave gives that treat them well

At home, there is peace
All we need lingers in the air
It had been understood
That we both already felt good

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