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Ice Cream Trucks

October 8, 2012
By rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
rachelmendoza GOLD, Clewiston, Florida
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This sunset is dripping
With oranges and pinks and blues
While we've been running around
Trying to think of what to do

Been getting in trouble all day
So that we can laugh all night
With our feet soaked by sprinklers
And skin glistening under sunlight

We'll wear these clothes all day
Even after dipping in pools we find
Somersaulting on freshly cut lawns
We've simply lost our sense of time

Giggles and screams echo the streets
While summer air fills our lungs
And we play tag in someone's backyard
Running through all the clothes they've hung

And the bugs bite the places
Where new freckles have been spilled
By the radiant sun who warmed glasses
That our homemade lemonade filled

Then that familiar tune plays
Bringing chocolate and neon popsicles
And the ice cream truck pulls up
To a line of kids who can't keep still

Before the vibrant sky has faded
We will have forgotten to grow old
And littered the streets with happiness
That waits for what tomorrow holds

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