no more pain

October 16, 2012
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No more pain
the pain that the media brings to fame,
it brings pain
do the media realize what they do to stars
the paparazzi chasing in cars, flashes of cameras
leaving scars on these stars
no more pain
for the stars that have fallen from the pressure
of the bedazzled life that comes from Hollywood
from child stars to movie stars,
no more pain
did you have to leave this way but its not you to blame
it's the pain from fame, fame is a losing game it seems
like in today’s time it's the worst crime
no more pain
for the celebrities that have all these great abilities
no more pain
just like Bruno says it will rain
it will rain as long as are favorite stars are still falling
from fancy cars to fancy caskets
to singing at someones wedding to someone sing at your funeral
no more pain
I cry out as I watch CNN breaking news
no... this can't be i'm so confused
feel like I've been abused
but my favorite stars have been misused and have abused
but fame is the blame not them ,they're just players in the game
no more pain
the media is vain,they make stars go insane
I call the media lame
I call them monsters ,disgusters,distrusters
no more pain
just like mary j sangs no more pain (no more drama) in my life
that's what they all sang as they go in the sky
must they die , all I do is cry
no more pain
for them but for me the pain has just begun
they leaving their sons and other people they love
the most important their fans the ones

who supported them through the hard times
through their trial and tribulations
generations will still suffer

no more pain
fame is flame that burns and never's stops
the fire never goes out until
another one of my favorite stars drops
no more pain
let it stop
here's a little advice before another star drops
for the ones that's still out there that are trying to top the charts
don't let fame beat you down
where the crown , be the king, be the queen
but please don't make a sad scene, one that will never leave our lives forever
no more pain
stop the pain
don't go insane,don't abuse drugs,alcohol,money or guns

no more pain
is what they all sing in harmony as they look down on us
but in god they trust

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