The Bracelet

October 13, 2012
By Dahvie101Vanity BRONZE, Hugo, Oklahoma
Dahvie101Vanity BRONZE, Hugo, Oklahoma
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Don't we all deserve the right to love?~Dahvie Vanity (Blood On The Dance Floor)
Sometimes, the hardest thing to wear is our own skin.~Jayy Von Monroe

Today I died and went to Heaven
I was killed on the street in a shooting
Everyone thought that this would be the end
But in reality, it's only the beginning

If I could ask, I hope I'm not too selfish
Could I possibly be buried with my favorite things?
My music, my art, my poster of Jeffree Star
But mostly, can I be buried with my Hello Kitty bracelet?

You may think it's childish
However, that bracelet has meaning
I was deep in an abyss, no hope left for me
But my boyfriend got it for me, hopes for me smiling

Tell him I'm sorry I can't make it to graduation
I'll be there in spirit watching the graduation set
I'll be there in my Blood On The Dance Floor shirt and necklace
But mostly, I'll be there in that wonderful Hello Kitty bracelet

The author's comments:
I wrote this due to the fact that people do die. How they die, it's up to fate. But each person wants to be buried with that special little item, be it a poster or shirt. When I die, I hope to be buried with the Hello Kitty bracelet my boyfriend bought to make me happy the day after a fight ensued between me and my family. The bracelet means everything to me. I hope that you'd be kind, as this is my first poem in nearly five years.

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