The Passing

October 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Death took everything from me

When I was but a child, ignorant to the world around me

He took my warmth, my light and made my blood run cold

Even when I was still so young, he took from me memories so old

It was a passing, it was a tribulation, it was something I never fully understood

This is the wall I built around myself, so that it may never be torn down again

I lived my life believing I deserved to die, and that I would never have any friends

But Death greeted me as an old friend, and calmy took me into another life

Where I was free from the wars of man, the suffering of our kinds, of tension and of strife

My world, was invisible, so I took the gun and shot myself....and plunged six feet down into the grave

Where I would remain nameless, faceless and the winds would never etch upon the stone my name

But time and love have showed me, that I have not yet seen all good people

So I drop to my knees upon his altar, and I pray for my tainted soul to be freed, I pray upon this steeple

My heart was complicated, tender and yet strong

The rivers ran too wild and I got swallowed by their anger, large and wide

So the doves coo and mourn my passing, I reflect upon right and wrong

I realize that when Death has carried you in his arms, there's no need to take a side

So I pass through one last tribulation, and sweet angels knelt down beside me

And said "In the name of my Wiccan people, I have blessed you, with great love"

In the ways of understanding, trust, to carry you on you must

So I walk forward my last steps, and stare into Death's cold eyes

And tell him, I am here to stay, and I must remain until I come to realize

That Death is not the final ending, merely the next chapter of another world

And where I no longer have to feel lonesome, or despair, I can know the flame, instead of the cold

The author's comments:
After understanding the processes of death more in life and how it has affected me and my friends, I decided to write this

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