The Reality of You

October 11, 2012
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It all began with a certain similarity,
It sparked a certain curiosity.
The first day I ever spoke to you,
I realized our worlds had been glued.

When minutes turned to hours,
And hours turned to days,
Everything around us was just a haze.

Our friendship was simple,
Yet mistaken for something so big,
Others were just jealous
of the fact that we were forever hitched.

Time passed by too fast,
And you became distant,
And then I made a mistake,
for which I still have my heart at stake.

But then things unfolded,
Months I mourned for my stupidity,
They all cleared away,
When I saw the reality.

You were just one of those jerks,
The people I consider close to dirt,
Yet I ended up being another one of your targets ‘hurt’.

Then one day I hear you,
And a so called friend,
B****ing about me.
And that’s when I met the bitter end.

I hated you.
I loathed the sight of you.
Yet you kept on appearing in front of me,
Trying to make me feel guilty.

Thoughts of you still flash in my mind,
But then I call her, who aligned,
Telling me it’s all in the past,
It all forgotten and behind.

She was once you’re friend too,
In late November,
But the reality of you
Made her forget by December.

With same outrageous thoughts,
We both joined hands.
And decided to hate you together
Like spilling beans in each other’s pans.

And today I stand,
here four years later.
Laughing as I recall my memories
Of a genuine hater.

I know you still hate me,
But I hate you too.
Forever and ever,
I shall laugh and make fun of you.

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