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Til The End

October 7, 2012
By Born2Love97 GOLD, Louisa, Kentucky
Born2Love97 GOLD, Louisa, Kentucky
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I'm Bubbles and you're Superman
It's you and me til the end
To keep us apart they try
Over that I still cry

I'm not allowed to love you
I can't help it, I need you
I can't even say your name
All I've got left of you is a picture in a frame

Now I listen to our song on repeat
Over and over because it brings back all the memories
While I'm singing along to it
I can't help but cry because they won't let us exist

Why can't they see
How much they're hurting me
By taking you away
Is doing nothing but making me go insane

I can't help but to think it's my fault
The error I made, that I should've caught
I didn't tell you
We kissed and weren't supposed to

You said I shouldn't take all the blame
I can't help it, I know the responsibility is mine to take
I haven't seen or talked to you in a long time
They ask me and I have to hide by saying I'm fine

They should know
It means I'm not letting my feelings show
My heart break
It's a physical ache

So how was I supposed to know
That they wouldn't let it go
It's usually three strikes
But they called you out the second time

I miss you holding my hand
I miss you all together Superman
I wish it could've been
I still believe it's you and me til the end.

The author's comments:
This is a completely personal piece I wrote late one night.

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