Heart Rate Beat

October 6, 2012
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My heart swells when I hear this tune. The tune of our fractured past.

I always tend to jump and jive. But my hoppin' doesn't last.

Do you remember the time we shared, when our hearts would beat together?

We were unstoppable, invincible, a force unknown. Our love would last forever.

My heart burns, with the pain, of how I used to feel.

But as I lay tucked in this bed, I realize that this is something that love cannot heal.

My heart rate quickens when I think of you
Beat, bop, doo, daht, dot

My blood flow rises at a fluid pace
This music will never stop

This song I hear about our love, will play loudly til I'm dead

My love for you is stronger than ever, I'll love you til the very end

And in the end, I tell myself "I can't hold on anymore."

My heart, it changes, the music dies, my heart rate begins to slow.

The music fades, deeper and deeper, as I fall into a eminent sleep.

My heart rate goes, my eyes close, I cannot feel this beat.

I wasted my life lovin you, knowing that you'll probably never care.

As I fade from this life, I wonder "Is this even fair?"

I have no regrets in the life I lived, my bad memories vary to few.

But one thing that I'll keep alive, is the love that I felt for you.

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