Dark Knight Sestina

October 10, 2012
By AnthonyDavidHall PLATINUM, Valrico, Florida
AnthonyDavidHall PLATINUM, Valrico, Florida
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"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde

My city calls my name most every night
To protect them when bedbugs come out to bite
Creatures crawl out and fill these people with fright
I seem to be the only one willing to fight
Convinced, though I am, that what I do is right
I am only more darkness in a place that needs light

But my sight does not require light
So I wander through this darkest night
With every evil to my left and right
Though these bitter winds of Gotham bite
I stand above it all, prepared to fight
With all my might, these beings of fright

There is some good that comes of fright
Like a tiny glimpse of a powerful light
It is a worthy weapon with which to fight
For one finds cowards come out at night
They flinch for fear that blackness will bite
And I exist to prove them right

This legacy is my hereditary right
As a child born into these fields of fright
I am a living symbol with jaws eager to bite
And suck dry those who seek to snuff the light
Each time I pull away my human mask at night
It becomes ever more clear just why I must fight

But I have already lost this perilous fight
Without a chance to set things right
So I push on through this frozen night
Ignoring my heart that's breaking with fright
For the sake of those ghosts that once brought light
No bark will precede my bite

The face of hope burns from the fire's bite
Collateral damage from my unfinished fight
The whole block glowed with a sickening light
Making me question if my choice was right
I picture her face, contorted by fright
And disappear once again into the night

I try so hard to bite my tongue for what's right
To not end this fight for the sake of my fright
It's my job to bring light to even the darkest night

The author's comments:
This is a rhyming sestina. It was a topic and form given to me at a poetry workshop run by Curtis Meyer.

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