Who are you going to be

October 10, 2012
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I know you've been through a lot in life.....you may have experienced things that I haven't, you may have watched your brother or your friend get shot in front of you, you may have been shot at, u may have been involved in a robbery... Every bad thing that happens here may have happened to you but does that make us different... The things that happened to you may have never happened to me but does that make it sensible to base who you are and who your going to be on the things dat happen 2 u.... Wen u see me, what do you see, look closely... You see a smart girl who loves to smile, that's all you see, appearances can be false, not always but most of the time... Everyone have been through things in there life some worse than the other. Why should I let my past define me. Why should I? Wen I can choose to leave the past where it belongs and form my future. When you let things that happen to you control you n define who you are, what good is that, how will that help your situation if your just continuing the legacy. Stop and think about the little boy or girl growing up in your community, he or she is looking up to you so if your angry and you fight because your excuse is “my hood made me who I am” they will do the same. How is that helping your people if you only show them that way... Why not be different and try to change the rest... Where your from is a part of who you are but it doesn't define you. The power is in your hands, look closely, you are way better than that, you can be whoever you want to be, why should you be classified as a “juvenile delinquent ”, why do you refer to yourself as a thug, a gangster... being part of a gang doesn't make you tough, it makes you weak because the gang has a leader and your one of the followers, whatever the leader says you do... Why do you smoke, rob, fight, kill... That is not survival if your ending some one else...Why do u turn to everything bad and forget your intelegence, why not for a change you embrace it, turn to your education, inspire the rest to do the same, that way you can not only make a brighter future for yourself but the ones that looks up to you... I believe in you so why should you doubt yourself and your ability to be more than society said you would be.....

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