Owl Eyes

October 10, 2012
By AsheyDoodle BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
AsheyDoodle BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Curiosity killed the cat."

Everyone filled with emotion,
As one team scored the winning touchdown.
Half the stands thundered with pride,
While the other half was silent with disappointment.

Disappointed they lost
At home. She watched her
Peers leave the stands sulking.
Their night had ended in a storm.

She walked alone beneath
A clear night sky.
A repulsive feeling started brewing in her soul.
The full moon mocked the girl in the alley.

Perched on a branch
He watched her walk.
She was luminescent,
Until she was drowned in shadows.

His glowing eyes watched
The struggle to the end.
The shadows left.
The girl was a loved doll.

Once luminescent,
Now dismal.
Once a shimmering light, she is now
A child’s forgotten abused toy.

He swooped down
Landing in front of her.
Ripped fabric surround
The porcelain doll.

Their eyes met.
Despair, agony, and defeat
Filled her teary dead eyes.
Sorrow behind owl eyes.

The author's comments:
I wrote Owl Eyes for an IB English project. The project was to try to write a poem like Sylvia Plath.

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