October 7, 2012
By Anonymous

and Solitude,
for so many years,
can cause an annoying ringing in your ears.
The ringing reminds you of your past,
and how you'd always been an outcast.
Of how many times you'd say "I'm Fine",
and secretly hope someone would bother to read between the lines.
Of how as the days went by,
that ache in your chest intensified.
Making it harder to breathe,
but, easier to leave.
To abandon the ones you love,
and pray to the angels above.
That someday they will understand,
Why you did what you did.
Kill that innocent man.

The author's comments:
This poem is about a man who had a rough childhood. He was abused and silenced most of the time but didn't let that drag him down. As an adult he is successful,respected and happy but the dark memories of his past are keeping him from fully enjoying his life. He comes in contact with a man who looked exactly like his worst enemy, his father. The man who beat him senseless for no reason, publicly humiliated him and terrorized his childhood. Out of pure rage he pulls out his gun and shoots him, the bullet making a hole through the heart, the man dies instantly. The man smiles a victorious smile and walks away. But, little did he know that his father had an identical twin. The day he is informed, a guilty pain engulfed his soul drowning him with a sense of burning rage slowly building up inside. He realizes the consequences of his actions and decides to go on the run and leaves his family behind with a note explaining why he left. The man hopes that one day they'll understand and forgive him. Nobody knows what drives a person to their actions, sometimes the person himself doesn't know either.

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