"Playing the Game"

October 4, 2012
By Wired_To_Inspire PLATINUM, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
Wired_To_Inspire PLATINUM, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
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"Your mind fights the battles, but your heart wins the war." -Liz Ruth

I know what I was in for.
The way you played me left me respectful no more.
Every word has been a lie.
You’re the biggest jerk of a guy.
Every move was fake,
which was just too much for me to take.
Messing with me was a mistake.
You’re the biggest player for God’s sake.
There are plenty of names I could have called you,
but I won’t because I know what to do.
When you learn to be faithful,
and not wasteful,
then we’ll talk,
but until that happened… get lost.

The author's comments:
Guys play us girls because they know we'll fall for them. They meet us, get our phone numbers, text us, tell us they like us, and pretty soon, before you know it, you'll be doing and saying things you'd never believe or thought about doing. That's what this peice is about. I was in this situation and it's no easy task, but writting this was a peice of cake. I hope you get something out of it, and girls... just know there are always those certain guys out there who will always want to play with your feelings. I hope you don't find them like I did. Enjoy.

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