May 27, 2008
By Sarah Godfrey, Tualitin, OR

He's the man of my dreams
And he's not what he seems
He's smart in the head
When he goes thats what I dread
But I love the way he thinks
And he promises me a lot of things
I'm in love with his smile
And I could go on for miles
But he'd always be there
No matter what my fear
He really is a hero
And he didn't even know that when he was a zero
He'll always be that special one
And I try to lie but I can't he's my love
I wake up for the day for him
And he keeps me a day ahead
He's so beautiful
No matter what he does
He knows how I feel
But I don't think he knows my deal
He's my heart my soul
He's a smart caring goal
I need him in my life
I need him in my heart
Without him
I wouldn't be the person who I try to be, smart
I love him

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